For Nurse Volunteers

You may consider delivering your message at a hospital or clinic. Depending on the jobs you are looking to fill, you may want to select specific units for recruitment efforts. Consider the skills you are looking for – do you need emergency room nurses, children’s nurses, nurses who work with the older population?

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For Non Profit Organizations

Professional nursing organizations are a great place to start your nursing recruitment efforts. Nursing organizations do many things. They offer a forum for nurses to address important issues and they often work for the advancement and protection of nursing practice.

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For Schools of Nursing

If there is a nursing school in your area, this would be a great place to spread your recruitment message. You will reach nursing students, new nurses, and experienced nursing faculty.

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What might be the motivation of a nurse to volunteer for your organization? Nurses may volunteer for many of the same reasons as anyone else – to meet new people, to gain new skills, to feel a part of a group and to help people. However, there may be some special motivational factors at work within the nursing community.

Many nurses may be motivated to become involved in volunteer work as a source of renewal. The professional life of nurses in hospital and clinic settings is fast paced. Many nurses may be drawn to volunteering as a way of reconnecting with what first led them to nursing – social justice, ethical principles, helping others, education, advocacy.. Volunteering may be a way to escape the pressures and demands of their daily jobs to rediscover what it is in the world that is important to them – which may very well be the mission of your organization.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ¬†Gandhi



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